Cousin Margaret..


Like I said before, when I was a young girl, just before my teens, I spent my very first visit to Texas with my cousin Margaret.  It would be some years before I would see her again, but the memory of her, where she lived and "all" of the oil wells surrounding her community stood out clearly in my mind.  When I returned to visit with her some 30 years later... I remembered things pretty much the way they were.  On my first day back to Corpus Christi, we went down to the shore and rekindled old memories.



   My dear cousin Margaret has been very open and informative in helping me to find and connect my family history.  She is a Texan from the heart and knows quite a bit about her ancestors. She seems to know everyone down in Refugio, TX, or maybe I should say everyone knows her. My Great Great Grandmother (Rose Emma Lewis)  is her Grandmother.  Most of the family pictures that I have collected so far has come from Margaret's collection.  She has always been family connected and her vivid memory and memorabilia has been very helpful in helping me to put our history together.!

Rose Emma Williams