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A True Texas Legend


K. J. Oliver is a legend of his time.  He too is one of the Texas forgotten cowboys. K. J. is my second cousin twice removed.  My Great-Great Grandmother is his Grand Aunt.  When we met, I knew that he was kinfolk, but I didn't know how it was all tied in.  Of course through research of the census, verification from a cousin and newfound contact with the family...  I was able to tie it all together.  Again and again God is good!

I have once again connected with family and  without uncertainty enjoying the rewards of my continuous struggle of finding "my" unknown but not forgotten ancestors! History is a beautiful and wonderful discovery!

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K. J. &  family  from both sides!


I only had the privilege of meeting K.J. on a few occasions... and he was everything that I hoped a true "Texan" would be.  He was certainly handsome in his older age, warm, kind and comforting.  He and his beautiful wife were very sweet and caring whenever I showed up at their door, and that's pretty much the way it was.  Although K. J. is no longer with us in flesh, he will always be with us in spirit.

Memories Cherished!
October 31, 2007


Portrait of a young K. J. Oliver illustrated
by his son artist, Kermit Oliver.



Willie "O" Brown


Cousin Audrey, sharing a happy moment with family!