The Unknown Story of a Slave Woman... the Legacy that follows

Estella  according to documented records was born December 11, 1854 a slave. My immediate family seemed to know very little about her which roused my curiosity. She has become the motivating force in my search for my lost, but not forgotten ancestors.

Her children 10 pictured above out of 17 are: Mary Upton, Johnnie Davis, Ora Davis,


Samuel Upton, Logan Upton, Bennie Upton, Helen Riney Upton, Rachel Upton, Grant Upton and William Upton all born in Aransas County, TX.  The others were Emma, Dora, George,  Henrietta, Bessie, and Carrie.  One unknown believed to have died young! 

According to documented records and oral passage Stella came to Texas...


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