Memories of Grandma Addie


Addie Virginia Barnard


Born March 14, 1885 in Camden County, NC to Rachel Adylett and Arron Barnard who had 17 children of which 9 were living in 1900.

    My memories of Grandma Addie are vivid as I reflect back in time.  Grandma Addie was a tough cookie.  She was strong, hardworking and courageous and she lived to be 94 years old.  Oh.. the naughty games that I use to play on my Great-Grandmother.

    Grandma had a farm in Camden County North Carolina with a lot of land surrounding it.  We use to visit Grandma quite often as children... especially when my Grandparents traveled to New York to work the potato fields. She would bake the best sugar cookies ever. but she  was strict and a very structured woman, so when we visited we had chores.  I always enjoyed going into the chicken coop to collect eggs and feed the chickens.   I sure do miss those good old days.

Alfred Walston born in Camden County, NC was my maternal Great Grandfather.  He was the 5th child out of 11 children born to Rachel Ashby and William Walston. I don't remember a lot about Grandpa Walston because he died when I was 4 years old, but I do remember stories that were told about him being a very kind and handsome young man.  Addie V. Barnard and Alfred Walston were married Feb. 10, 1905 in Camden County, NC and to this union 9 children were born.

Alfred Walston


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