A Story Untold

    Revealing a family's past through an enduring journey of travel and modern technology is a challenging but rewarding experience.  The meeting and bonding with newfound family members, sharing and compiling oral stories, researching documents and collecting family memorabilia is a quest and struggle of finding my unknown, but not forgotten ancestors.  This is my story... this is my reward!  Come with me and share this exciting and mystic journey.

    My family's roots began in the regions of Refugio County, TX and Camden County, NC. My Grandparents on both sides migrated and landed in Norfolk, VA where I was born and raised.  The stories, memorabilia, photographs and history that you are about to embark on takes place in all of these regions.  My travels have taken me afar and my knowledge and wisdom has grown to a height worth revealing.  I hope you are inspired to research and uncover your family's history as well because it is a challenging experience worth uncovering and one that I believe you will hold dear to your heart.

The Migration

    The migration of my Texas ancestors starts with my Grandmother Ethel Isaiah who left Corpus Christi, TX in the 1950's.  She traveled east and landed in Virginia where my Father, Uncle and Aunt soon accompanied her.  My Grandmother never lost ties with her roots in Texas.  I can remember when I was a young girl my Grandmother often took trips to Texas to visit kinfolk.  I remember clearly the first time I went there for a visit.  I was about 12 or 13 years old.  I remember visiting my cousin Margaret and taking this long ride across the desert to go to Mexico!  I knew at that time that I had a fascination for Texas, its people, and its culture.




Documented, designed, photographed & researched by:  Ora
October 31, 2007