Louise Boxley


Louise or (Louisa) is the oldest ancestor thus far in my family tree that I have been blessed to trace this far back into history. (Feb. 13, 2007). God Is Good!


Louise (maiden name unknown) was my paternal Great Great Great Great Grandmother.  She was born during slavery and lived in Victoria County Texas in 1870.  Ten years later she was living in Refugio County, TX. She was married to Robert Boxley and her children that we know and/or have identified were Jane, Eliza, Josephine, Jeffery, Winnie, and David.  Louisa lived to be over 100 years old according to family memorabilia and info found in the census records. 

Now in the 1900 Census, Louisa "now a widower" is living in the household of her youngest daughter Winnie who is now married to Clay Scott. Louisa's son Jeff Boxley is also living in the same household. Now here is where the conflict comes in... Louisa is listed at this time as being 100 years old however, this information conflicts with the 1870 and 1880 census which list her as 38 and 58 years old respectively, meaning in 1900 she would have been maybe 78 years old. This complicates my current research, so further investigation is underway.

It is unknown at this time where Louisa was actually born, but documentation indicates that she may have come to Texas from New Orleans, Louisiana because that is where most of her children's documented records indicate they were born.  However, the 1880 census indicates that she was born in Maryland.

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