Louise Boxley


I have found that it is quite  difficult to trace African American Families beyond the 1870's mainly because of slavery, but also because of the like of required census taking for slaves in prior decades.  Therefore,  much research is required to accurately document our ancestors history.


With that being said... my research to find the Father's of Louisa's children has revealed that Louisa was married to Robert Boxley, but also had another partner according to the death certificate of Josephine Spriggs Anderson who was using the name "Josephine Boxley" in the1880 census. This document indicated that Josephine's father was Dave Spriggs and helped me verify that Josephine and David were indeed Spriggs while Jeff, Winnie, Eliza and Jane were documented and known by younger generations to be Boxleys...  all children of Louisa.  Of course it will probably never be know who the actual fathers of the children were because we are identifying children that were born into slavery between the 1830's and 1850's.


Now this I though was good Detective work, but I still needed proof that Dave Spriggs was Louisa's son because he did not carry the name Boxley.  Although it was known and documented by the elders that he was "Granny Boxley" son.  David's death certificate would reveal that he too was the son of Louisa Boxley.


Louisa Boxley Children