...Stella continued

with her Aunt Rachel Riley a midwife from Kentucky.  She came along with her brothers and sister William Duke, James Williams, Benjamin McGrew and  Cora McGrew according to documented source.  They lived in what is better known as the "Blackjacks," which is located about seven miles southeast of Austwell near Hynes Bay in Refugio County. Their Mother  (Emily Jones also believed to be Emma Duke) passed away at a young age and they were raised by their Aunt Rachel Riley who had no children of her own.  From the book  (Refugio County History) article by Clarine Duke Jones.

Validating history...

From the keepsakes of Booker T. I found the connection that I was looking for.  He was the newfound relative that would help put facts to the research that I had uncovered!  It was an exciting moment for me to meet him.  He was all that I hoped he would be.

Grandmar Stella

These records are the personal properties of Booker T.  (with the exception of the picture which is a  contribution from my Auntie Mae  who held the key "the picture") and of course... a touch of my creativity & vision.  Booker T. has kept detailed records of our family history on papers, bottles and many other items.  He is a hero of all times for his love and desire to keep his family legacy alive.  I commend him for all the history that he has kept with such enthusiasm for it has helped me to go far in my research in putting our family  history together.  According to his memorabilia, Stella was born in the "Blackjacks".  However, at this time, I'm not sure if she was brought there or born there.  Booker T. was young when she died and we are still researching to find kinship that has knowledge of this history.  At this time Elaine Booker is the only other known family member that was alive and  have memories of Grandmar Stella.


April 2003 by Ora  

Family Keepsakes

This record is a collectable from the partnership of  Estella Riney and Samuel E. Upton.

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