Texas born and raised

Ethel Isaiah

    Ethel (aka "Pearlie") Isaiah my paternal Grandmother was sincere, very independent, attractive and she loved to read and travel..  She was the mother of four children of which she raised along with the help of her Mother Ora.  She was a very generous grandmother and she had a very special relationship with her children and grandchildren. 

    My Grandmother Ethel was a committed individual and her word was her bond.  I suppose I wasn't one of her favorites during my youth because committed I wasn't, but she loved me regardless. She was born in Refugio, Texas on July 12, 1914 to Ora Riney Davis and Warner Isaiah.  She was the first born of this partnership and the eldest of her mother's five other children born to Ora and John Shaw.



Picture taken in Refugio County, TX

    Grandma Ethel as a little girl appearing to be about 9 years old.  She was known as "Pearlie" and it has been told to me that she was well loved by her father Warner Isaiah.  The old timers say he truly loved that "lil girl".  I had the opportunity to ask Grandma Ethel about our bloodline before she died and she told me that amongst the many other bloodlines we share including African, we have Indian blood and that we were descendents of the Locota tribe.  My research on the native Indian tribes in the area of Texas where my descendents are from were the Karankawa's Indians, (the original residents of Refugio, described as giants, standing six to seven feet tall), which leads me to further my research to find my Indian bloodline.



Children of Ethel Isaiah
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